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Rug Cleaning San Mateo

Problems with household Rugs:

There seems to be lots of predicaments and dilemmas associated with household rugs when it comes to rugs. Rugs are best known for their soft fuzziness and the fact that they are extremely stylish and add another magnitude of sophistication to your living abode. But as opposed to customary carpets, rugs are even difficult to clean. Rugs tend to have larger and longer fabrics when to compared to carpets, and thus they tend to collect more dust and dirt, which is even harder to clean.

Miniscule dust particles accumulate around the fibers of the rug and give the rug a dull appearance and an off putting smell too. This can’t be dealt with at home; stains also tend to be much tougher on rugs due to the longer fibers. They are not only hard to remove but tend to damage the fibers if tried to clean with everyday detergent or bleach liquids. Rugs need gentle yet effective cleaning.

San Mateo Rug Cleaning:

Rug cleaning made easy at Carpet Cleaning San Mateo, we are one of the most professional San Mateo Cleaning Services that know each and every secret to cleaning rugs successfully. Cleaning rugs can be very tricky but our professionals have years of extensive experience in the field and are guaranteed to give you the best cleaning anywhere out there.

All of our cleaning techniques and formulas are tries, tested and true. We work to make sure that not even a blemish is left behind on your rugs and they are left looking radiant new, without even a minuscule amount of damage.

Our Effective Cleaning Solutions:

Rugs need gentle cleaning or the fibers tend to get damaged, thus so readily depriving the rug of its soft texture and vibrant look. Our professionals have worked hard to create formulas that not only effective, but completely green and environment friendly. The cleaning formulas and techniques that we use have been crafted intricately with all natural ingredients. As a business, we are pursuing our intimate sentiment towards earth by green cleaning.

These formulas are completely bio degradable and non-toxic, they leave behind no toxic waste. Being non-toxic also makes them completely safe for household usage. Here at Carpet Cleaning San Mateo, we understand that chemical cleaners can be dangerous and cause health issues but our cleaning formulas are completely green, non-toxic and neutral. So if you have kids or pets in your house, you don’t need to worry about anything.

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